It is part love story, part road trip, part political protest. This is how and when I became a wedding officiant. Who knew it would become a beautiful, creative way for me to experience other couples' love for each other. Such a happy accident.


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"Marci Reid officiated a dream wedding for my wife and me. My wife and I practice different faiths, and Marci drew from each to offer a service that reflected our shared love and values. She hit a perfect tone that expressed both the seriousness and the festivity of the occasion. I would happily recommend her to any couple." Allan Piper


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“Marci's officiating is a truly special gift. We were twice blessed with ceremonies in the home states of our son and his husband. Each time, Marci's tender words were an inspiration, leaving everyone with a true sense of the deep love and commitment between two people...nary a dry eye among all present!”  —  Nancy Manocherian